Into-Connection: No-nonsense happy activism


Many people know what a think-tank is. A group of people who come together to research and discuss issues and social topics. Talking is good and there’s is still a lot to talk about when it comes to, for example social inequality or gender issues. But why stop at talking? The Dutch Lauren wants a little less conversation… And a little more action! 

She always felt unfulfilled after social debates: a lot of valuable information was shared, but that nobody actually seemed to come into action. This is why she co-founded a so-called Do-Tank. It’s called PEER, which refers to cooperation and equality. And equality is what they aim to achieve with this do-tank. They tackle issues one action at a time.

For example, members of PEER are creating a pilot for a television series called HERstory. The documentary tells the mostly underrated role of women in Dutch History. They do this through universal and timeless topics that are also relevant in present day. Another PEER action was Laurens article on ‘slave-free’ porn for newspaper, in which she explains why porn should be shot only with actors who are 100% voluntarily.


Do-tank PEER wants to undertake 100 actions in three years towards ending social inequality. Besides that, they want to spread the world that everyone can make a difference.

Every action you take, big or small, affects the people around you. Amen to that!

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